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About the Project

Made for you : Crafting the Perfect Real Estate Purchasing Experience

In the midst of the COVID crisis, IMKAN quickly realised that manual processes were starting to impact their productivity and the quality of their services. This lead them to centralise sales, marketing and customer care operations onto a single platform that would support the company growth. 

The Challenge

With more offer than demand, the real estate sector in the UAE is a competitive environment. This means property developers are expected to be both efficient and reactive in managing leads: Tasks have to be assigned correctly and executed rapidly, user experiences have to be impeccable and effortless.

The key objective for our collaboration with IMKAN? Creating a seamless purchasing experience for their customers, and accessing richer insights to help the teams optimise their processes across Sales & Marketing.

Our Solution

IMKAN’s two core values are “Made for you” - a promise to create the best, human-centric places - and “Here for you” - a promise to entertain long-term relationships with their customers once the sale is completed. Their unique approach to Real Estate required an unparalleled user experience, and the right tools for the Sales team to make the magic happen.

Prior to our collaboration, IMKAN did not have a centralised view of their sales activities. Lead assignment and management was manual, with the sales operations team using multiple excel files which was both tedious and error prone. A 360-degree view of all sales activities from a centralised dashboard now allows anyone in the company to get a clear snapshot of the information they are seeking.

Our Technology

A sales module was created to allow the teams to better understand their customers through the centralisation of all information and insights, including where they are in the negotiation process and what a clients particular needs and interests are. It also allows them to easily plan meetings and follow-ups so that clients feel valuable and cared for. To make sure the best level of service is provided, a custom functionality to automate lead distribution was created so that work load was fairly allocated across all team members, making sure no one was overloaded. This same module gives the sales team the possibility to rapidly generate all of the sales documents in one click. 

To take IMKAN’s marketing strategy to a new level, a full marketing automation solution was implemented, including a website tracking feature which they didn’t have before. Now, clear campaign and website insights allows IMKAN to optimise their KPIs for their partner agencies to have more relevant and effective campaigns, better targeting and a more personalised approach based on region or topic.

Because IMKAN cares about providing the best service possible, a web portal was created to serve the client needs. From raising tickets to easy payments and a centralised location with all of their documents, this portal ensures the client feels safe by giving him the possibility to be in touch with the company at all times.

The Result

IMKAN’s new tools mean that from a client perspective the brand experience is now uniform and heightened. Additionally, Transparency in processes as well as timely responses has hugely impacted customer satisfaction. 

From a company perspective, the new processes allow the sales teams to make the best out of every opportunity which means their sales have increased exponentially. CRM team productivity has increased as customers can now self-service and check on on the updates of the tickets they’ve raised.

“Having a central platform for sales and marketing works really well – we can make the whole customer lifecycle seamless, even with a distributed operation.” Carine Neill - Head of Marketing & Sales at IMKAN.