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Account Manager (Marketing Automation)

full time

As an Account Manager, you sit at the heart of our clients and are responsible for the effective guidance of the performance framework, the strategic roadmap and the smooth delivery of campaigns. 


Role summary 

You are the consistent and trusted contact for the client, guiding them towards strategic growth, managing day to day opportunities on timings, costs and creative work, be it directly or in partnership with the digital experts. 

The Account Manager we are looking for, is focussing on the strategic guidance & growth of some of our beloved Marketing Automation- and Digital Marketing clients. This means you are focused on the detail of every aspect of our Marketing Automation-work but at the same time, your guidance and first-line advice is key to earning the (strategic) trust of clients. It’s a role that requires a balance of being delivery focused and efficient without rushing and being focussed on the growth roadmap in marketing automation and digital marketing.

Together with our experienced and certified project manager, you manage the client on the effective campaign delivery and keep an eye on the performance on a recurrent basis. Together with the strategists and/or digital experts, you develop strategic relationships by understanding the business, demonstrating a strong knowledge of their user’s digital experiences, keeping abreast of competitor activity and showing a passion for wanting to get to the best creative and performing ideas and execution. As a client’s direct contact, you align directly 1 on 1 with our customer, pro-actively pitch new ideas but in the same time talk with the digital marketing team to keep track of performance and push AB-testing and growth opportunities. 

Moreover, an Account Manager must be and flexible and resilient, thriving on the variety of the role’s challenges.


 Core skills

  • Leadership: Collaborative and supporting/collaborating with all experts, project managers & strategists concerned.
  • Strategic Thinking: as a first-line contact, you can discuss strategic opportunities high-level, understands how to make it happen and the impact it might have on a client’s business.
  • Digital Marketing: you have experience in digital marketing projects, especially in Marketing Automation and/or growth services.
  • Creative Judgement: Evaluate creative work against brief and provides motivating feedback.
  • Financial Understanding: Understands business context and can identify income opportunities.
  • Client Intimacy: Communicates confidently with clients and agency team, able to build client trust and confidence.
  • Decision Making: Analyses situations, generates possible solutions, and consults before making most decisions.
  • Delivery: Takes responsibility for delivering high quality work, keeps team updated and acts proactively.
  • Mindset: Optimistic, sees the potential, goes the extra mile.
  • Business development skills


When working with Project Managers on particular projects, you’re still responsible for the client relationship and discussions around process and delivery. It’s the Project Manager’s responsibility to manage the process and deliverables with you. Close partnership with your Project Manager will ensure you avoid duplication and are able to agree together when best to utilise their expertise direct with the clients. Ideally you’re bilingual + English speaking.


Be an Emakinian

*Committed*: You are committed to deliver excellence for our customers. You respect deadlines, deliver quality and focus on your mission. You never settle for less than high standards and you do your very best to accomplish all challenges. You accomplish the impossible.

*Positive*: Your attitude is key. You face challenges and think of solutions instead of drowning into the problems. You always look for improvement and think hard how we can bring added value while working hard and having fun at the same time.

*Expert*: You have this passion for your work that helps you becoming a reference for your peers. You are curious and eager to learn. Always. You like to try, and your failures builds your successes. You transform an idea into a huge business value. Your attention to the detail will make the difference.

*Teamwork*: You believe by thinking and creating together, we combine our strengths to give a superior, more versatile solution. You share your expertise and like to listen to others. You believe combining creativity and technology is our magic DNA.


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