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Marketing Automation Strategy (Internship)

full time

The Digital Marketing team of Emakina.BE is at the forefront of its 2.0 version! That is why we need extra colleagues that can help to make the dream come true… 

We have been offering digital services for 20 years now, all at an experienced level. But as always things are evolving at a high pace... and that is why we (regularly) need to rethink ourselves. Within this approach, we are looking for an intern that fits within this evolving strategy.

 As a result, you will become part of a large family of 170 digitally experienced professionals, willing to share their knowledge and skills with you and waiting for your eagerness to create or improve user experiences with them. 


Internships at Emakina

We welcome people who are willing to experiment, think differently and who are not afraid to speak up. Your mentors are digital pioneers who will help you find what you’re truly great at.

From the first days we are integrating you on the projects, working closely with the team on projects for a range of well-known local and international brands. Your mentor will follow you during the internship to enable you to gain experience working with cutting-edge technology, solving business challenges and coming up with innovative solutions for standout user experiences.

Be exposed to our multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural mix of people from all walks of life. It’s a community where you can bounce around ideas, challenge opinions and see new perspectives


We don’t believe interns should just make coffee. You’ll be exposed to teams and projects from around the world, across many languages and cultures.
Benefit from a great network of thought leaders, award-winning creatives and strategic masterminds.


Are you open to new challenges? Do you bring a can-do attitude to the table? Then you’re our kind of people. Many interns succeed in landing their first-ever job at Emakina.


What you will do 

You join a strategic team. You strategically propose clients to translate their business needs into all that is needed for an improved & personalised approach of the user journey, matching the maturity of the client.

You build the basics for a ‘marketing automation-roadmap’ to help clients step up from ‘transactional journeys’ into ‘user experiences that drive sustainable LT-growth’. You open up their view towards more than ‘transactions’.

You translate a strategy to a concrete action plan for our clients, guiding them step-by-step towards success at their own pace; you thrive on business challenges! 

 You discuss end-to-end, concrete, and practical solutions for our clients in the different tools, assisted by your colleagues (who provide technical expertise where needed).  

You will take part in/(co-)organise: 


  • Marketing automation strategy and flows
  • Growth roadmaps
  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Persona & customer journey mapping
  • Personalisation & data-strategy
  • Participate to PITCH (if possible: depends on planning)



  • Vendor comparison
  • MA-platform growth roadmaps
  • Translation of business needs into MA-platform briefing
  • Review existing MA-flows, campaign, optimisation
  • Briefing developers and creative team with Project manager 


  • Sync from Marketing Automation
  • Performance to analytics
  • Dashboarding and KPI-reporting

Who are you as a person?

 You look for an internship between 4 to 6 months

You have a huge interest in a personalised view on the user journey and user experiences with brands, its products, and services. You are a fan of strategy, but also of methods and technologies that can be used to implement this strategy.

You are someone with a vision, user-focused and have an open mind. You have an exceptional will to implement your vision. You have a can-do mentality and a pragmatic nature that believes proof is important to deliver success. 

Being a team-player, you figure out together with your colleagues what might work best and align with them to bring new ideas to the table. You are always willing to share knowledge and support each other and are eager to expand your knowledge with colleagues and clients. 

English is a must, French or Dutch. 


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